We are now a third way through our timeline and have received our final accessories. We have done a little photoshoot to show you what’s to come.

The Sensors

Although you have seen them before, here you can see the back detail and the sensor fully lit. They are also protected by a rubber coating which provides grip when placing them in your hand wraps so they remain in place when you are throwing those big punches.


The wristbands allow for ease of use when you aren't using hand wraps. To use them,  simply slot the sensor in and put the wristband on with the lights facing towards you and you are good to go!


The dual Micro-USB cable helps make Corner easy to use and quick to charge. The cable is small and lightweight, and allows Corner to be charged through a computer, power bank or mains socket.

Our factory is getting ready to ship to Corner’s U.K. warehouse for final quality checks and preparation for delivery to your front door. Stay tuned!

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