Follow all of the tips in order below:

TIP 1 - Charge your trackers

Make sure your trackers are fully charged. Just grab the micro USB charger provided and plug them into a power source. Your Corner trackers will stay lit until they are fully charged and then they will go to sleep. To fully charge your Corner trackers takes around 20 minutes. Watch how to charge your Corner trackers below:

TIP 2 - Double tap your Corner trackers to connect

Double tap on top of your Corner trackers while holding them with two fingers. The LED's will start to flash when they are looking for a smartphone to connect to. See video below:

TIP 3 - Ensure your trackers are close to your device

Place your trackers next to your smartphone while you're connecting them. The LED's will start to flash when they are looking for a smartphone to connect to. See example below:

TIP 4 - Make sure your smartphone, trackers and The Corner App are all updated to the latest software version.

To check if there is an update for your device, just go to you smartphone settings, your device should tell you automatically when there is a new software update available. To check if there is an update for the Corner app just go to the App Store/Google Play store and search for 'Corner Boxing'. If there is no option to update the The Corner App then you will be all up to date. To check if your trackers need updating just go to The Corner App downloaded on your smartphone and connect your trackers. The app will automatically tell you when your trackers need updating.

TIP 5 - Delete the Corner App and restart your smartphone

Delete the Corner app from your smartphone then restart your smartphone. Once your smartphone has turned back on again, download The Corner App again from the iOS/Google play store. Then log back into your account and follow the above steps to connect your trackers.

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