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Corner may seem simple from the outside but to bring any product to life takes a lot of work, patience and determination. In this post we will be taking you on a journey of our experience focusing on manufacturing.

As you may know, Corner started as a university project where the love of boxing and technology crossed over. Like any university project, you start to bring the concept to life but getting a final product into someones hands is where it gets really complicated. Raising money, designing for manufacture, disappointment in electronics and hurdles with development. We promised deadlines which we didn’t manage to hit even though we built in contingency to hit the deadline well in advance and for this, we apologise. Fortunately during this time we have been working hard to make the app and the product even more mature to become an even better Corner. A Corner 2.0.


Corner was founded in 2015 and ever since then the product was iterated to become smaller, more comfortable, responsive and lightweight. We wanted to make sure it’s a product that works and belongs with you in your training.

Above: A few examples of back and forth sample developments. Top right, final version.

We eventually wised up and packed our bags to go to the Mecca of electronic manufacturing, Shenzhen China. On arrival we met with the extended team behind Corner’s manufacture and knuckled down to iron out manufacturing issues and drive for a robust, reliable product that can keep up with your training.

Above: Manufacturing team with Chief Design Officer, Jerry Krylov (bottom right) reviewing samples and designs.

Above: Charles Burr, CEO of Corner reviewing electronics manufacturing.

Above: Corner's electronics ready to be cased to track your performance.

Making life easier

As previously mentioned, we decided to change from a proprietary ‘dock’ connection to a standard Micro-USB, making Corner easy to keep charged wherever you are, even if you forget or lose your charger. Often, the most simple solution is the best solution.

Above: Corner with dual charging cable

International CES 2018

Following from China, our manufacturer met us at CES 2018 in Las Vegas - one of the world’s biggest technology shows - and we were able to review the fruit of the factory. The plastics look and feel great, if we may say so ourselves, with a tight assembly and a textured rubber coating to keep the sensor in position. We had the pleasure of meeting a few of our backers, who seemed overly enthusiastic to throw a punch or two at us.

Above:Charles Burr, CEO of Corner attending CES.

Above: New Corner samples


Above: Corners 'Quick Start Screen'

Every cloud has a silver lining, and now every Corner app has additional features. With the infamous delays to Corner’s manufacture, we have been able to put more time into perfecting our app experience. Beta testing continues both in house and out to improve the app experience throughout, so that you can get a smooth start with the product and easily get right to the data you want. Jack Massey is one of our professional testers with a record of 13-0-0 and a Silver Youth WBC champ and he has been excellent to work with. Look out for Jack in our launch video, dropping very soon.

Above: Jack Massey focused and ready.

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