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Corner may seem simple from the outside but to bring any product to life takes a lot of work, patience and determination. In this post we will be taking you on a journey of our experience focusing on manufacturing.

As you may know, Corner started as a university project where the love of boxing and technology crossed over. Like any university project, you start to bring the concept to life but getting a final product into someones hands is where it gets really complicated. Raising money, designing for manufacture, disappointment in electronics and hurdles with development. We promised deadlines which we didn’t manage to hit even though we built in contingency to hit the deadline well in advance and for this, we apologise. Fortunately during this time we have been working hard to make the app and the product even more mature to become an even better Corner. A Corner 2.0.


Corner was founded in 2015 and ever since then the product was iterated to become smaller, more comfortable, responsive and lightweight. We wanted to make sure it’s a product that works and belongs with you in your training.

Sketches and prototypes of development


Punches are fast, really fast, for example: Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton had an average punching speed of 11 mps (25 mph / 40kmh), with maximum speed of 14 mps (32 mph / 51 kmh), also the G-force pulled on these is high. This gets you into some complicated science but the end result is that we decided to give Corner a big technology upgrade so the sensors can keep up with you when you start throwing faster and heavier punches. Our new parts allow for faster and more accurate processing so you can track every punch without any trouble and focus on your improvements.

Our PCB and battery samples


Previously the plastic housing for the sensor wasn’t to the standard we expected, it was either too plastic and cheap or the finish started to peel after a month’s tests. We were disappointed in this and had to search for a new supplier that fitted our standards and the bill of materials. Fortunately the extra work is paying off, we are currently testing the latest plastics which should last whether Corner is being battered in your hand wraps or in the gym bag.

From left to right: Peeling plastic coating, Plastic with no coating, In house prototype, A rubber dipped unit.


After many iterations of our charging cables and charging options we have decided that Micro-USB is unrivalled in its convenience and availability, whilst still offering a sleek design. Corner will come with a dual-charging cable, so that you can charge both of your sensors at the same time from one USB port. However, as Corner uses Micro-USB, this means that even if you forget your charging cable you would still be able to borrow a friend’s micro usb cable or pick one up at a nearby store. Our mission is to always keep you training.

3D Printed shapes for testing a singular ‘docking’ charger vs a Dual cable. The singular charger made it more inconvenient in every day use and limited you to charging only in certain places. After testing the two our testers felt the dual cable was the more convenient way to go.

Dual Cable

Left to right: Micro USB vs Contact points: The every day micro USB can be found at nearly every house hold and every shop. Which means you can always stay charged.


We wanted to ensure your journey was enjoyable right from the beginning so we made the packaging intuitive with easy to follow guidance to get you started. There are still tweaks for the final card and internal structure to ensure the integrity of everything remains unharmed. Even though these are little changes, we want them to be right for you.

Corner Packaging with sensors slid out.

A close up of the top layer in your box.

What else?

There's something else that will be inside your box! What is it? Stay tuned to the blog.

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