Hi All,

After receiving Corner a few weeks ago from our manufactures we started testing to make sure everything is perfect so when you receive Corner you can start training straight away. We are really happy with the way Corner has turned out and hopefully you notice the attention to detail that has been put in to make Corner a working reality.

As you will know we have charged our backers and mentioned we will start dispatch in the previous update however some of you may realise you haven’t received a tracking number as of yet. This is due to receiving a lot of emails after charging our backers bank cards and people updating their address and bank details straight after. We want to make sure we are sending everything out to the correct addresses so we have had to wait a little longer than expected. We are still receiving emails today and don’t want your orders getting lost and having to wait even longer.

We will start dispatching international pre-orders today, so if any of you are outside the UK and Europe please make sure all your details are up to date as after today it will be out of our control to change anything. This does give everyone from Europe and the UK a few extra days to update theirs. Today and Monday we will ship to the rest of the world as these take the longest, 5 - 7 working days, then Europe, 3 - 5 days on Tuesday and Wednesday and UK on Thursday and Friday. This means everyone should receive Corner around the same time at the end of next week.

We also wanted to mention each one of our early backers will receive a one off spray painted parcel package where every single one is unique. You can see them peaking out from the box!

Our iOS app is currently in the stages of getting approved by Apple and will be available next week. Our Android version will be available the week after.

As always, we want to mention how amazing it is to have so many of you be kind with your support and great with your patience.

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