Hope you all enjoyed the boxing last night including the great undercard fights and are having a wonderful easter weekend.

We have received a fully updated timeline from the manufacturers, where the electronics have been completed and the plastics are to be finished within a few more days. We were hoping all the accessories were going to be of good standard but when we received the final versions, there was a mixture of quality so this had to be returned. Prior to sending you another update, we wanted to get a commitment from the manufacturers on a reviewed timeline to get everything completed and sent to you.

The expected shipping date from the manufacturers is now the 17th of of April, this then takes a further 8 days with express delivery to the UK which takes customs into account. We will then do a final review at our UK warehouse prior to shipping to you. We would ship directly from the manufacturer however we want to insure that after your long wait you are getting a reviewed product with shipment coming directly from our warehouse so we can resolve any issues with the post office here. Arrival of Corner at your front door is scheduled for the 7th of May.


We have been working on your feed, profile, and creating a network for your Corner friends. We believe Corner is much more than a tracker and to keep you motivated you will be able to see how you compare against your friends.


We wanted to make Corner easy to use in any type of training whether its shadow, sparring or fitness. We were able to design, prototype and finalise the wristbands within the completion of the charging cable. The wristband allows you to easily slip the sensors and start tracking your data from the warm up, we believe it completes the package.

Above: Corner Unpacked. Bottom left to right: Charger, sensors, wristbands.

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